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MHz Choice announced today its French-focused lineup for October 2021, which is top-lined by the series Alexandra Ehle and Arséne Lupin.

Julie Depardieu as Alexandra Ehle
Julie Depardieu as Alexandra Ehle — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

North American international TV streaming service MHz Choice is bringing a 90% French, 10% Swiss lineup to Euro TV fans in the US and Canada in October. The full schedule is as follows:


Arsène Lupin (France)

Based on the popular “Arsène Lupin” novels by Maurice Leblanc, this classic French TV series — the original from 1971 — stars Georges Descrières (Two for the Road) in his signature, iconic role as the titular gentleman burglar who moonlights as a detective in turn-of-the-20th-century France. Arsène Lupin is an elegant nemesis to white-collar criminals and those undeserving of getting away with their crimes, even as he himself manages to elude suspicion and capture.

Georges Descrières in Arsène Lupin
Georges Descrières in Arsène Lupin — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Movie of the Week: Copy Cat (Faux-semblants) (France)

Thierry Godard (Spiral) stars in this crime thriller as Antoine Thomas, a veteran detective who teams up with Valentine Ventura (Noémie Schmidt, The Break), a newly-promoted investigator, on the case of a murdered journalist.

Paris 1900: The City of Lights (Une si Belle Époque! La France d’avant 1914) (France)

Journey back in time to La Belle Epoque, with incredible restored and colorized footage capturing the magic and euphoria of turn-of-the-century Paris, in this feature-length documentary.

Paris 1900: The City of Lights
Paris 1900: The City of Lights — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Timeless Louvre (Le Louvre) (France)

For almost 230 years, the Louvre has been a constant source of daydreams and fantasies, housing over 38,000 works of art and never ceasing to captivate, amaze, and engage its visitors. This documentary is a total immersion into the depths of this artistic treasure trove, where thousands of men and women work every day to bring history to life.

Timeless Louvre
Timeless Louvre — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice


Alexandra Ehle (France)

Julie Depardieu (Captain Marleau) stars in this forensic crime drama as Alexandra Ehle, the brilliant coroner at the Bordeaux Forensic Institute. Gruff yet fanciful and free-thinking, she weaves together the crime with the victim’s story as she paints a full picture of not only what happened, but why. While Alexandra devotes herself completely to what she considers her mission — restoring to the dead their dignity and giving them justice — her unconventional approach does not always land her in the good graces of her colleagues.

Alexandra Ehle
Julie Depardieu as Alexandra Ehle — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Movie of the Week: Children of the Lie (Un mensonge oublié) (France)

In this mystery-crime drama, a young woman is murdered, and police detective Carole Levasseur (Sara Martins, Detectives, Death in Paradise) works together with Félix Bricourt (Théo Frilet, Versailles), the victim’s fiancé, to investigate the crime and solve the case.


The Undertaker: Season 7 (Der Bestatter) (Switzerland, shown in Swiss German)

Actor-comedian Mike Müller (Rascals on the Road) reprises his role as ex-cop-turned-undertaker Luc Conrad for a final hurrah in the seventh and final season of this fan-favorite mystery series.

The Undertaker Season 7
The Undertaker: Mike Müller as Luc Conrad, Reto Stalder as Fabio Testi — Photo by SRF/Sava Hlavacek, courtesy of MHz Choice

Movie of the Week: Sleight of Hand (La main passe) (France)

This drama finds a kleptomaniac (Bruno Todeschini, Savage State) falling for a young woman (Fanny Valette, Spiral) — an obsession that leads him into a deadly trap.


Magellan: Season 4 (Commissaire Magellan) (France)

Jacques Spiesser (Captain Marleau) returns for another season of this popular mystery series as Inspector Simon Magellan, a detective who unravels crimes and mysteries in the fictional French town of Saignac while raising two teenage daughters.

Jacques Spiesser in Magellan
Jacques Spiesser in Magellan — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Movie of the Week: The Surrogate Mother (Une mère en trop) (France)

Eric Revard (Thierry Godard, A French Village) and his wife, Florence (Gwendoline Hamon, Murder in Haute-Savoie), are unable to have a child of their own. In their desperation, they fake a pregnancy and hire a surrogate — with tragic results.

All of the above titles will screen in the US and Canada on the MHz Choice website, via its Android, iOS and other apps, and on its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon Channels.


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‘Alexandra Ehle’ & ‘Arsène Lupin’ Lead MHz Choice October 2021 Slate