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MHz Choice is set to launch Sekta (The Sect), its first series from Russia, in the US and Canada.

Sekta: Anastasiya Chistyakova as Nika and Svetlana Khodchenkova as Lilya — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

“As long as you can feel pain, you’re at risk.”

So says Demidov (Evgeny Koriakovsky, Attraction, Wild League), a psychiatrist and university lecturer, to a student who believes himself to be impervious to cults.

Elsewhere in this unnamed Russian city, Lilya (Svetlana Khodchenkova, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Wolverine), a 35-year-old nurse, doesn’t know what to make of the drawing that young Kira (Marta Kessler, The Mysterious Benedict Society) has just made. She knows all too well, though, why she freaks out at seeing the black plastic bag holding materials that the plumber is about to use to fix her leaky kitchen sink.

Lilya and Demidov meet after both are recruited for a “deprogramming” job — he to do the deprogramming and she to serve as the on-site nurse — once Nika (Anastasiya Chistyakova, Territoriya), a young adult cultist, is rescued from The Pristine, a cult that Demidov describes as “terrible people… capable of anything.”

Led by the hypnotic Konstantin Berk (Filipp Yankovskiy, Rasputin), members of The Pristine are capable of a lot — from hiding the organization’s financial assets in offshore accounts, to attacking those whose interests run counter to the sect’s. In the case of Nika, Berk wants her found and returned to The Pristine compound, as she has a very special role in the cult.

Out in the woods, where Nika is being held by Demidov at a secluded house, the psychotherapist and cult expert is having no success in deprogramming his patient. It appears that Nika has been well indoctrinated and well trained in how to stave off “external impacts” and how to “reach” Berk for help from a distance.

Meanwhile, Lilya is continuing to have the same nightmare during both her sleeping and waking hours, reliving in it a part of her life that has caused her to experience symptoms of PTSD: She is in a cult, where black plastic bags have a specific purpose.

Little do Demidov, Lilya, and their colleagues know that Berk, in his quest to find Nika, will take whatever actions necessary — from threats to violence — to bring her back to The Pristine.

Costars include Aleksey Surenskiy (Regbi), Pavel Kuzmin (The Sniffer), Ekaterina Volkova (Under Correction), and Grigoriy Siyatvinda (Otel Eleon).

Sekta premieres in the US and Canada tomorrow, Tuesday, June 8, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.


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Sekta: Russian Thriller Set for US-Canada Premiere on MHz Choice
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