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HBO Max released today its trailer for the third season of the multiple awards-winning German crime drama 4 Blocks. Check it out.

4 Blocks
4 Blocks — Photo courtesy of HBO Max

Explosive and exhilarating, 4 Blocks explores the themes of family and loyalty in the costly world of organized crime.

Drugs. Money. Slots. Women.

For Ali “Toni” Hamady (Kida Khodr Ramadan, Greyzone, Tatort: Borowski), these are the four pillars of his criminal empire. His greatest desire, though, is to leave the world of crime behind and live an honest life with his wife and daughter — which proves impossible when a police raid lands his brother-in-law in jail and exposes weaknesses in his cartel.

As Toni is pulled back in, he is forced to contend with a quick-tempered brother, an undercover agent, rival gang wars, a traitor within his own ranks, and the dogged pursuit by Berlin police.

In the third and final season, Toni’s brother, Abbas (Veysel Gelin, Man from Beirut), takes over as head of the family — but the normal life for Toni is still fraught with danger.

The cast includes Maryam Zaree (Detective Ellen Lucas), Karolina Lodyga (In the Face of Crime), Almila Bagriacik (Tatort: Borowski), rapper Massiv, Sami Nasser (The Team), Hassan Akkouch (Welcome to Hindafing), Rauand Taleb (Tatort), Sabrina Amali (Inspector Falke), Amira Ghazalla (Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi), Dunya Ramadan (Man from Beirut), David Schütter (Barbarians), Jan Henrik Stahlberg (You Are Wanted), Moussa Sullaiman (Tatort: Borowski), and Lisa-Marie Janke (Dark).

Produced by Wiedemann & Berg Television and TNT Serie, the six-episode series is executive produced by Max Wiedemann, Quirin Berg, and Sven Miehe, along with Hannes Heyelmann, Anke Greifeneder for TNT Serie.

4 Blocks: Season 3, a Max Original series, premieres in the US on Thursday, December 17, exclusively on HBO Max, where Seasons 1 & 2 will also be available for streaming.

The series — which joins Max Originals Valley of Tears (Israel) and Gommorah (Italy), as well as HBO Europe’s Patria (Spain) — will be featured on a new “International” genre page on HBO Max alongside a curated selection of international programming from around the world, with titles ranging from drama to comedy to thrillers.


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4 Blocks: HBO Max Debuts Trailer for Season 3 of German Crime Drama
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