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Spiral fans, rejoice! MHz Choice announced today the premiere dates for Seasons 7 and 8 of the award-winning French crime drama thriller.

Spiral S7
Spiral: Thierry Godard as Gilou, Caroline Proust as Laure Berthaud — Photo © Caroline Dubois / Son et Lumière / Canal+, courtesy of MHz Choice

Spiral (Engrenages) returns to the US and Canada next month. (Yay!)

MHz Choice will premiere Season 7, the penultimate season, with the first two of twelve episodes on Tuesday, November 17. New episodes will be released in pairs in the weeks that follow, leading up to the premiere of the eighth and final season of Spiral on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, which will follow the same release format for the ten episodes.

Said Frederick Thomas, President and CEO of MHz Networks:

Spiral has been part of the MHz Choice DNA since our creation so it will be a bittersweet event for us when the series comes to an end. It’s remarkable how large of a fan base Spiral has garnered throughout the years. Our audience will not be disappointed with these final two seasons.”

Created by Alexandra Clert and Guy-Patrick Sainderichin, Spiral was released in France in 2005 and became a sensation across Europe and Australia, garnering awards and commendations from TV France and The Royal Television Society in the UK, amongst others, and winning the 2015 International Emmy® Award for Best Drama Series.

The series features an all-star cast including Audrey Fleurot (A French Village) as attorney Joséphine Karlsson, who often finds herself at odds with Police Captain Laure Berthaud, played by Caroline Proust (The Tunnel), and Police Lieutenant Gilou Escoffier, played by Thierry Godard (A French Village, The Chalet).

If you’re not already caught up with what’s happened in the earlier seasons of Spiral, head over to MHz Choice pronto (or one of its digital channels, such as Amazon Channels, the Roku Channel, Xfinity, etc) and start bingeing them. You have five-and-a-half weeks before Season 7 starts.

In addition to Spiral Season 7, MHz Networks will also premiere new seasons of audience-favorite French mystery series Magellan and Murder In…, as well as the two-part German police thriller The Informer.

Magellan: Season 3 (France) — Tuesday, November 3

Jacques Spiesser (Priceless) returns as the meticulous and pragmatic Inspector Magellan. He knows how to put things in perspective when it comes to investigating crimes in the French city of Saignac, not only a home to those leading the good life but also to a series of brutal murders.

Murder in…: Season 6 (Meurtres à…) (France) — Tuesday, November 10

This hit series sweeps viewers along to the great sites and regions of France, where cops chase down the criminals against stunning backdrops of lush forests, remote islands, rocky coastlines, beaches with clear blue water, and grand ranches. The intricate plots include unique characters and centuries-old history, as well as regional and local variations of French cuisine.

Spiral: Season 7 (Engrenages) (France) — Tuesday, November 17

A double homicide in a Chinese restaurant in the 13th Arrondissement, which includes a victim known to Laure and her team, leads to a broader investigation that includes clandestine financial networks and government corruption.

The Informer (Die Informantin) (Germany) — Tuesday, November 24

Aylin (Aylin Tezel, Tatort) leads a wild, independent life in Berlin, and is anxious to embark on a new career in law enforcement, despite her own very checkered past. She’s offered the chance to erase her criminal record when she’s recruited to become an informer and win over the trust of Musab (Timur Isik, Flemming), a notorious drug smuggler.


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Spiral: MHz Choice Announces Premiere Dates for Seasons 7 & 8 of Hit French Crime Thriller
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