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One week from today, German Netflix Original series Barbarians premieres globally. Read on for details about the story and the official trailer.

Barbarians: David Schütter as Folkwin Wolfspeer, Jeanne Goursaud as Thusnelda — Photo by Katalin Vermes / Netflix

In German historical drama Barbarians (Barbaren), the fates of three people are interwoven in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D., a clash that will change the history of Europe.

The Roman occupiers under Governor Varus (Gaetano Aronica, A Case of Conscience) are extorting crushing tributes from the Germanic tribes, so two members of the latter — childhood friends and secret couple Thusnelda (Jeanne Goursaud, Einstein), daughter of the Cheruscan prince, and Folkwin (David Schütter, The Valley), a simple warrior — decide to fight back. Acting on their own in a daring night-and-fog act, they humiliate the Empire.

To avenge the shame, the Roman governor sends his foster son Arminius (Laurence Rupp, Murder by the Lake), a Roman officer, to deal with the rebels. But Varus doesn’t realize that Arminius is closely connected to Thusnelda and Folkwin. Torn between the devotion he feels for both sides, Arminius has to choose: be loyal to one and betray the other.

Thusnelda, Folkwin, and Arminius become the driving force behind the uprising, which unites the divided Germanic tribes into an army. Together they deliver one last battle to the superior Roman superpower, which will also change the lives of the three friends forever.

Written by Jan Martin Scharf (The Valley), Arne Nolting (Wilsberg), and Andreas Heckmann (Out of Control), the six-episode drama features Jeremy Miliker (M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder), Bernhard Schütz (Babylon Berlin), Eva Verena Müller (Wilsberg), and Sergej Onopko (The Last Kingdom).

Barbarians, a Netflix Original series, premieres globally on Friday, October 23, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)


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Barbarians: Story Details & Official Trailer of New German Historical Drama
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