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The long-awaited return to the US of Swedish mystery series Rebecka Martinsson happened today, so get ready to get your binge on.

Rebecka Martinsson Season 2
Rebecka Martinsson: Jakob Öhrman as Krister Eriksson, Sascha Zacharias as Rebecka Martinsson — Photo by Johan Paulin © YellowBird 2019, courtesy of Acorn TV

Off the bat, the most obvious difference between Series 2 of Rebecka Martinsson and the first season is the actress playing the titular character. Taking on the role made famous by Ida Engvoll, who is an executive producer on the new season, is Sascha Zacharias, whose credits include Swedish and Italian crime dramas Beck, Modus, and Inspector Manara.

And unlike Series 1, whose stories are adaptations of four of Åsa Larsson‘s “Rebecka Martinsson” crime novels, Series 2 features original stories penned by head writers Oskar Söderlund (Snabba Cash, Grey Zone) and Karin Arrhenius (Faro, The Girl) with input from Larsson.

I’m halfway through the new season’s four two-part stories, which I found to be dark and compelling, and look forward to binge-finishing Series 2 later this evening.

“Reindeer Boy” opens with three young Sami men confronting hunters high on a distant mountain. Soon thereafter, Rebecka, the prosecutor in her hometown of Kiruna, sets off to investigate a distressing incident with animal-handler cop Krister (Jakob Öhrman, Bordertown, The Hunters), who has connections to the Sami community. The relationship between these former lovers is tense, but they have to work together, especially as acts of revenge involving local Samis escalate and victims include animals and humans.

While a demolition crew is working to raze an old hotel in “Foundations,” one of the men discovers human remains beneath a floorboard. It turns out the victim is Linn, a young mother who went missing sixteen years ago. Kiruna cop Sven-Erik (Thomas Oredsson, Crimes of Passion) has been fixated on this case ever since, insistent that Jesper (Krister Kern, The Fat and the Angry), Linn’s partner at the time of her disappearance, had murdered her. But the police never found her body and Jesper never did time. Now the police are closer to solving the crime, but will they get the evidence they need to finally convict Jesper — if he is, in fact, Linn’s killer?

The final two stories are “The Lie” and “Warning Triangle.” In the former, the police in Kiruna are doing everything they can to stop the spread of drugs amongst the young people in the area, but the case of a young man’s overdose gets personal for police officers Anna Maria (Eva Melander, Modus) and Tommy (Ardalan Esmaili, Greyzone). And in the latter, the police are called to the location of a car mostly buried in the snow on the side of the road, only to discover the dead bodies of a woman and a baby inside the vehicle. Their investigation nets a suspect who confesses, but Rebecka thinks he’s lying and sets about to prove it.

Rebecka Martinsson: Series 2 premiered in the US today and is streaming exclusively on Acorn TV and its digital channels, including Acorn TV on Amazon Channels.


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Rebecka Martinsson: Series 2 of Nordic Noir Mystery Premieres in the US
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