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Having recently completed its run in Sweden, the new season of Nordic noir mystery-crime drama series Rebecka Martinsson arrives in the US next month.

Rebecka Martinsson S2
Sascha Zacharias as Rebecka Martinsson — Photo by Johan Paulin © YellowBird 2019, courtesy of Acorn TV

After a three-year gap, Rebecka Martinsson returned to screens in Sweden back in April, and Acorn TV has set its exclusive US premiere of Series 2 for Monday, July 27.

Unlike Series 1, it features original stories inspired by characters from, rather than based on plots in, Swedish author Åsa Larsson‘s “Rebecka Martinsson” crime novel series.

Also different is the actress playing the eponymous tax attorney-turned-public prosecutor. Taking over from Ida Engvoll is Sascha Zacharias (Beck, Modus, Inspector Manara).

In Season 2, Rebecka doesn’t return to Stockholm, opting instead to remain in the village of Kurravaara in her northern Sweden hometown of Kiruna, where she moves into her grandmother’s house and has her dog Snorvalpen and her neighbor and close friend Sivving (Lars Lind, Arne Dahl) to keep her company. But questions about her dark past and troubled childhood continue to occupy Rebecka’s mind, and her anxieties about truly fitting in and whether she made the right choice in returning to her roots have grown worse.

Meanwhile, Rebecka uses her unorthodox, vigorous, and effective skills as a prosecutor in new cases, which are more emotionally and professionally challenging than ever before. They include revenge attacks in the Sami village, the discovery of a missing woman’s body after a hotel demolition, a new influx of hard drugs amongst the local teenagers, and the deaths of a woman and baby found in a snow-covered car.

Returning cast members in Rebecka Martinsson: Series 2 include Thomas Oredsson (Crimes of Passion), Eva Melander (Modus), Jakob Öhrman (The Hunters), Gunilla Röör (The Simple Heist), Ville Virtanen (Bordertown), Ardalan Esmaili (Greyzone), Samuel Fröler (Before We Die), and Jakob Hultcrantz Hansson (Midnight Sun).


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Rebecka Martinsson: Acorn TV Sets US Premiere Date for Season 2 of Swedish Crime Drama
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