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A young boy with a troubling story and an unsolved police case are the parallel storylines in French miniseries Mother Is Wrong, which debuts in the US tomorrow.

Mother Is Wrong
Mother Is Wrong: (L-R) Anne Charrier as Marianne Aubrais, Samuel Theis as Vasile Drogman, Tom d’Ornano as Malone Moulin — Photo courtesy of PBS Distribution / Walter Presents

Set against the backdrop of the port city of Le Havre, Mother Is Wrong (Maman a tort), adapted from the Michel Bussi novel of the same name, follows two seemingly unrelated police inquiries.

The first concerns Malone Moulin (newcomer Tom d’Ornano), a nearly four-year-old boy whose troublesome drawings “with obsessive qualities” prompt the headmistress of his nursery school to contact Vasile Drogman (Samuel Theis, A French Village, Call My Agent!), a regional school psychologist. It is during Vasile’s first meeting with Malone that the boy tells him his parents aren’t his parents — and confirms the woman waiting for him in the hall isn’t his real mother.

Amanda and Dimitri Moulin (Sophie Quinton of Captain Marleau and Sébastien Libessart of Détectives), Malone’s parents — or the cashier and electrician pretending to be his parents, depending on who you believe — are understandably upset about the boy’s allegations. They argue that, because Malone is very bright, his story is the product of his overly-active imagination. What they don’t want is for Vasile to see Malone anymore, so much so that Dimitri later sets out to ensure this.

For his part, Vasile believes Malone and contacts DCI Marianne Aubrais (Anne Charrier, Chefs, Maison Close) of the judicial police in Le Havre to enlist her help. Although she initially refuses and refers him to Child Protective Services, Marianne’s skepticism lessens and she becomes intrigued when Vasile explains memory reactivation and how it relates to Malone and his story.

Meanwhile, there’s a new development in the unsolved case of a €6 million jewelry store heist in nearby Deauville: Timo Soler (Xavier Hosten, The Frozen Dead), believed to have died from the shoot-out that happened just after the daylight robbery, has resurfaced. And Marianne and her team aim to catch him.

But nothing about either case is simple: Malone’s memories are fading fast. Zerda (Emmanuel Bonami, Candice Renoir), the criminal the cops believe was behind the heist, is also back in the picture. And Marianne and Vasile’s passionate affair complicates both investigations — two cases that turn out to be more intertwined than they appear.

The six-part thriller costars Pascal Elbé (Baron Noir) as detective Papy, Camille Lou (The Red Band Society) as Marianne and Vasile’s mutual friend Angie, Gil Alma (Family Business) as detective Jibé, and Ibrahim Koma (Sous le soleil) as detective Lucas.

Mother is Wrong premieres in the US tomorrow, Friday, October 11, on the PBS Masterpiece channel on Amazon and Walter Presents.


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Mother Is Wrong: French Mystery-Thriller Miniseries Set to Premiere in the US