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There is an ever-growing number of Euro TV shows in the US, so it’s easy to miss some. Here are six mini- and one-season series that you might want to check out if you haven’t already.

The Time of Secrets
The Time of Secrets — Photo by Gilles Schrempp, courtesy of Eurochannel

The titles below are streaming in the US as Prime Video offerings. For viewers without access to Prime Video, most of them are available for rental or purchase for as low as $0.99.


Amigos, one of my favorite Euro TV premieres of 2018, is a Flemish-language drama from Belgium about five ex-cons who join forces on the outside to open a restaurant. Owning and running it is a dream come true for one of the men, and a chance for all of them to go straight and stay legit. But old habits die hard, like aligning with bad people and making bad decisions. Then there’s bad luck. (Available with a Prime Video subscription only)


From Switzerland comes Gotthard, a German-language historical drama that follows three people during the construction of the Gotthard Tunnel — a math wiz and wannabe engineer from Germany, a working-class Italian miner, and a business-minded local Swiss woman who all become friends (in a love triangle). But as there are more and more worker deaths during the construction, the two men find themselves on opposite sides. (Available with a Prime Video subscription only)


If the title looks familiar, it’s probably because Mamon is the Czech version of the Norwegian crime thriller Mammon. Here the journalist is Petr Vlcek (Matej Hádek, Bukowsky Circus), who breaks a story exposing the bribery involved in the privatization of the state-run energy company and the involvement of his brother, the company’s CEO. When the latter takes his own life, Petr starts his own investigation and finds more and deeper conspiracies. (Available as a Prime Video offering or an Amazon Video rental or purchase)

Marcel Pagnol's Time of Secrets & Time of LoveMarcel Pagnol’s Time of Secrets & Time of Love

This two-parter from France consists of the TV movies The Time of Secrets and The Time of Love — both based on the childhood memoirs of French author and director Marcel Pagnol, and which serve as follow-ups to the fantastic feature films My Father’s Glory and My Mother’s Castle. In the telefilms, Marcel is in his teens during his last summer vacations in Provence and his time in high school, experiencing his first love and discovering his passion: writing. (Available as a Prime Video offering or an Amazon Video rental or purchase)


Set in 1957, Russian mystery drama Neophyte follows a female law school graduate who gets attacked by a criminal on her first day of work at the Leningrad Police’s criminal investigation division. She also learns there’s a bent copper on the force, so she begins her own investigation to find out who the traitor is while continuing her inquiries into the real reason why the criminal tried to rob a jewelry store. (Available as a Prime Video offering or an Amazon Video rental or purchase)

Only YouOnly You

In the Italian rom-com Only You, a florist and single father of five children meets a biologist, the already-engaged daughter of a magistrate, when they’re involved in a minor car accident. They have nothing in common but he’s smitten and tries to woo her, but to no avail. Until he succeeds. Then fails again. Then succeeds again. Meanwhile, his father is mistaken for the mafia boss her father is prosecuting… (Available as a Prime Video offering or an Amazon Video rental or purchase)


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