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The new season of Anatomy of Evil has arrived in the US. Woo hoo!

Anatomy of Evil: The Interrogation (Spuren des Bösen: Das Verhör)
Anatomy of Evil (Spuren des Bösen): Heino Ferch as Richard Brock — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

During the work week, I only watch television in the evening, so it takes a seriously special show for me to fire up my Roku and stream it during daytime hours.

Such is the case with Anatomy of Evil (Spuren des Bösen). I just watched the first feature-length episode of Season 2, and once I’m done here, I’ll get right back to it. That’s how much I love this dark, gloomy, and wholly absorbing series: I’m willing to break my own rules — twice! — to watch all of it.

Anatomy of Evil stars International Emmy® Award nominee Heino Ferch (Allmen, Berlin Station, Hotel Adlon) as Richard Brock, a widowed father of a young cop and a former psychiatrist-turned-university lecturer and police criminal psychologist in Vienna, Austria. Brock rivals divorced father of a young cop Kurt Wallander in the morose department, and while the latter took to drink to, well, everything, Richard smokes weed.

“Desire” opens with sex, followed by attempted murder. A man pushes a woman he obviously knows into oncoming traffic.

Soon thereafter, another woman stops by Brock’s classroom to ask him for help, despite knowing that he isn’t a practicing shrink anymore. She is Clara Rink, the wife of the would-be murderer, Johannes Rink, the son of one of Richard’s former patients. Clara wants Brock to assess her husband, who’s been acting totally out of character recently.

It is through meeting Johannes under these circumstances that Richard both confirms Clara’s suspicions and meets her husband’s intended victim: Eva Faller, an illegal prostitute.

And it is through helping Eva that Richard lands in jail for homicide.

In the midst of all the literal and figurative darkness in “Desire” are a couple of laugh-out-loud moments, courtesy of Richard’s only friend, café owner Klaus Tauber (Gerhard Liebmann, M – A City Hunts a Murderer), and his housekeeper, Mrs. Anni (Gerda Drabek, Vienna Crime Squad). And to see Richard himself actually laugh, well, that’s simply golden.

“Desire” costars Sabrina Reiter (Dead in 3 Days) as Petra Brock, Richard’s daughter, and Matthias Hack (Der Pass) as Detective Fritz Stadler, and guest stars Julia Koschitz (München 7) as Clara Rink, Benjamin Sadler (War and Peace) as Johannes Rink, and Mavie Hörbiger (Inspector Rex) as Eva Faller.

The entirety of Anatomy of Evil: Season 2 — which includes the episodes “Desire,” “Rage,” and “Yearning — premiered in the US today, Tuesday, August 13, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.

Go check it out!


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Anatomy of Evil: Awesome Austrian-German Mystery-Crime Drama Series Is Back!
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