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Stateside viewers have a new Euro TV series to look forward to: mystery-thriller The Oldenheim Twelve from the Netherlands.

The Oldenheim Twelve
The Oldenheim Twelve (De 12 van Oldenheim): Noortje Herlaar as Peggy Jonkers and Nasrdin Dchar as Sharif Dahmani — Photo courtesy of Acorn TV

The Oldenheim Twelve, which premiered back in the spring on RTL 4 in the Netherlands, was the channel’s most successful drama of the year.

The 12-part series is set is Oldenheim, a quiet and traditional (fictional) village in the Dutch countryside, where families have lived for generations and the social fabric is tightly woven.

Oldenheim is the hometown of Peggy Jonkers (Noortje Herlaar, The Body Collector), a journalist who’s been working abroad for a long time. Soon after her return, tragedy strikes the village.

Sixteen-year-old Nine disappears one summer evening, leaving nothing more than her bicycle. No one knows where she is or if she ran away, was abducted, or is dead. The villagers launch a search for Nine, but to no avail.

Soon thereafter, a second Oldenheim resident goes missing.

And it doesn’t stop there.

In the weeks that follow, several other locals vanish into thin air — always inexplicably and without witnesses.

As Detective Sharif Dahmani (Nasrdin Dchar, Deadline) investigates the mysterious disappearances, some villagers wonder if a serial killer is at large while others think something supernatural is at work — that the events have a religious significance or are signs of the end of days.

Regardless, the normally close-knit community of Oldenheim is held in the grip of paranoia and suspicion, villagers begin to distrust each other, and tragedy arises in other forms.

Throughout it all, Peggy and Sharif refuse to give up, instead facing their fears in their search for the truth.

Already renewed for a second season, which will take place in a different village with new characters, Season 1 of The Oldenheim Twelve costars Reinout Bussemaker (Flight HS13), Fedja van Huêt (The Adulterer), Saskia Temmink (Strike Force), Olga Zuiderhoek (Black Widow), Guy Clemens (Lord & Master), and Gaite Jansen (Peaky Blinders), amongst others.

The Oldenheim Twelve will launch in the US on Acorn TV.

Stay tuned for updates about the premiere date.


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The Oldenheim Twelve: Acorn TV Picks Up Dutch Mystery-Thriller for the US