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Euro TV fans in the US who’ve enjoyed the hit Belgian mystery-crime drama series Professor T. now have the German version of the format to look forward to.

Professor T German Version
Professor T.: Matthias Matschke as Professor Jasper Thalheim — Photo ©ZDF/Martin Rottenkolber, courtesy of Beta Film GmbH

The award-winning original Flemish-language version of Professor T. has both a French remake (which premiered in France earlier this year on TF1) and a German one, the latter of which was picked up by MHz Choice.

The German version stars Matthias Matschke (The Book Thief, The Grand Budapest Hotel) as Professor Jasper Thalheim, aka Professor T. — a lecturer in criminology and criminal psychology at the University of Cologne and a consultant to the Criminal Investigation Division of the Cologne Police.

Like Gregory House and Sherlock Holmes, Professor T. is an expert in his field, lacks social graces, and has a habit of upsetting folks with his arrogance and unfiltered comments when he speaks; like Adrian Monk, the glove-wearing and disinfectant-spraying prof suffers from OCD (as well as germophobia and other neurological disorders); and like Ally McBeal, he occasionally has (laugh-out-loud) visions.

Professor T German Version Matthias Matschke
Professor T.: Matthias Matschke as Professor Jasper Thalheim — Photo ©ZDF / Martin Rottenkolber, courtesy of Beta Film GmbH

Professor T. may be unpopular, but he still has his admirers. One is Detective Inspector Anneliese Deckert (Lucie Heinze, Flemming), an ambitious and stubborn cop and one of his former students. She respects him and knows the man deserves mad props for his criminal psychology and inductive reasoning skills, so when she gets stumped on a case, she asks him for help.

This case is the first in what will be a series of consulting gigs Professor T. has with Anneliese and her CID colleagues, including her even-keeled partner Daniel Winter (Andreas Helgi Schmid, Tatort), their choleric boss Chief Inspector Paul Rabe (Paul Faßnacht, Die LottoKönige), and Christina Fehrmann (Julia Bremermann, Space Island One), the compassionate CID Director who also happens to be the prof’s ex-girlfriend.

Similar to the investigations, the collaboration between the CID team and the academic isn’t without its own set of complications.

Produced by Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion for ZDF, Professor T. features four hour-long episodes each in Seasons 1 and 2, the latter of which completed its run in Germany in May. (Note that the number and length of episodes shown in the US may be different from the local ones.)

MHz Choice has not announced the premiere date for Professor T. or whether the series will be available to the SVOD service’s subscribers in Canada, so stay tuned for updates.


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Professor T.: German Version of Hit Mystery Series Headed to MHz Choice
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