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And you thought one of your favorite Euro TV detectives was going to retire. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Beck - Peter Haber
Beck: Peter Haber as Martin Beck — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Where would Euro TV fans be without Beck?

Okay, watching other fabulous Nordic noir program. But still.

Going into its 20th year, this fan-favorite mystery series is as good as ever, despite the loss of Gunvald Larsson (Mikael Persbrandt, Hamilton). But hey, the addition of Steinar Hovland (Kristofer Hivju, Game of Thrones) to the police team led by Martin Beck (Peter Haber, Ängelby) was pretty great, am I right?

Anyhoo, four new feature-length episodes of Beck — “Ditt eget blod” (“Your Own Blood”), “Den tunna isen” (“The Thin Ice”), “Utan uppsåt” (“Without Intent”), and “Djävulens advokat” (The Devil’s Advocate”) — will premiere in Sweden in 2018. Episode 35 will begin streaming on C More on January 1st, followed by the other episodes on February 3rd, March 3rd, and April 7th.

Hopefully this means the new episodes will return to BBC Four in the UK and MHz Choice in the US in late 2018 or early 2019. (The sooner, the better.)

You can take the man out of the police, but you can’t take the cop out of the man. So Martin, off the force in the new stories, will be working in a different capacity with the members of his former team, including Steinar, Oskar Bergman (Måns Nathanaelson, Black Widows), Jenny Bodén (Anna Asp, Frostbitten), and Ayda Cetin (Elmira Arikan, Agent Hamilton: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter), as well as his former boss Klas Fredén (Jonas Karlsson, Black Widows) and pathologist Andrea Bergström (Åsa Karlin, Double Life).

While work is a tad different now, Martin’s personal life isn’t. He still hangs out with his longtime neighbor (Ingvar Hirdwall, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), his daughter Inger (Rebecka Hemse, 30 Degrees in February), and his grandson Vilhelm (Tommy Wättring, Finaste familjen).

Guest stars in the new episodes include Peter Eggers (Anno 1790), Niklas Engdahl (Rebecka Martinsson), Eva Melander (Modus), and Tobias Zilliacus (Thicker Than Water).

Stay tuned for updates about the Beck new season premieres in the US and UK.


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Beck: More New Episodes Coming. Fantastisk!
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