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There’s a new binge series in town: Denmark’s Norskov, the winner of the Best Television Series award at the 2017 Copenhagen TV Festival.

Norskov: (L-R) Jacob Hauberg Lohmann as Caspar, Thomas Levin as Tom, and Claus Riis Østergaard as Martin — Image courtesy of Walter Presents

Walter Presents held a screening of Norskov at Scandinavia House in New York City last week, where attendees, including yours truly, were treated to the first two episodes of the Danish mystery/crime thriller series and a Q&A with Norskov actress Annemette Andersen (Follow the Money), music supervisor Rasmus Bille Bahncke (Rosita), and Walter Iuzzolino of Walter Presents.

Rasmus Bille Bahncke, Annemette Andersen, and Walter Iuzzolino at the screening of Norskov at Scandinavia House in New York City on 28 July 2017 — Photo © Linda Jew

Walter binge-watched the entire ten-episode first season in one sitting. You might, too. (I will do it in two, as I have a few episodes to go. Weekend watching!)

Set in the eponymous town in northern Jutland, Norskov follows three men, friends since childhood, as they become bitter enemies entangled in a web of drugs, corruption, and violence.

Drugs are a big problem in Norskov, a harbor town that’s seen better days. Cocaine and other drugs are as easy to get here as pizza, so when a teen-aged girl suffers a non-fatal overdose, efforts to rid the town of drugs are stepped up by the town commissioner and Martin (Claus Riis Østergaard, Dicte, The Protectors), the mayor of Norskov. He has a lot riding on the crime clean-up, not the least of which is his harbor-side revitalization building project.

The person they bring in is Martin’s brother-in-law, Tom (Thomas Levin, Borgen, The Team), a detective who’s been working on organized crime cases for the past dozen years in Odense and Glostrup. Tom partners up with seasoned cop Brammer (Henrik Birch, The Legacy) to help get drugs off the streets and kids out of the clubs in Norskov, but before they get started in earnest…

Tom hooks up with his ex-girlfriend Diana (Andersen), a supposedly-clean but still-using cokehead who’s the sister of Caspar, aka Bondy (Jacob Hauberg Lohmann, The Guilty, Among the Adults). Bondy owns the construction company that sponsors the hockey team that Diana’s anti-drugs son, Oliver (former professional hockey player Mathias Käki Jørgensen), plays for.

Soon thereafter, there’s a drug-related death in Norskov. An overdose from 80% pure cocaine. Circumstantial evidence points to a recently-released drug dealer as the person responsible for bringing the uncut coke to town, and Tom and Brammer suspect a club bouncer is connected to the ex-felon, the influx of hard drugs, and the spate of burglaries happening throughout the town.

Meanwhile, Martin and his wife, Jackie (Anne Sofie Espersen, Borgen), are in the process of growing their family, Caspar helps Martin get out of a huge bind on the building project, and Tom takes slow but steady steps in helping Oliver gain a bit of stability in his life. Then a secret is revealed and later becomes front-page, not-fake news, putting relationships and more in jeopardy.

As for the drugs investigation, it’s expanding and deepening and leading Tom where he never thought it would go… close to home.

[fvplayer src=”https://72ld18.p3cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/NORSKOV-US-INTRO.mp4″ splash=”https://72ld18.p3cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WP_Norskov.png” width=”600″ height=”338″]

Norskov features Mette Marckmann (The Kingdom), Marijana Jankovic (The Keeper of Lost Causes), Ville Virtanen (Jordskott), and Anders Budde Christensen (The Absent One), amongst others.

A production of SF Film Production and TV 2 Danmark, Norskov is created by Dunja Gry Jensen (Unit One, Terribly Happy), and written by Jensen with Lars Kristian Andersen (The Heavy Water War), Per Daumiller (The Killing), Ina Bruhn (Occupied), Jens Dahl (Lulu the Bankrobber’s Wife), and Simon Oded Weil (Rita). It is directed by Louise Friedberg (Borgen), Søren Balle (Follow the Money), and Birgitte Stærmose (Room 304).

The first season of Norskov premieres in the US today, Friday, 7 July 2017, exclusively on Walter Presents US.

It will launch in the UK on Channel 4 this October, and the entire series will be available for streaming on Walter Presents UK soon thereafter.

Season 2 of Norskov is in the works. Stay tuned for updates.


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Euro TV to Watch: Nordic Noir Mystery/Crime Thriller Norskov