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For another perspective on the occupation of France by Germany during World War II, watch this gripping miniseries, now streaming on both sides of the pond.

Resistance on Walter Presents
Resistance: César Domboy as The Kid and Pauline Burlet as Lili — Photo © Thomas Bremond, courtesy of Walter Presents

Dan Franck (Marseille, Spin) created and wrote Resistance (Résistance) as a tribute to the courageous young adults who risked their lives for France and freedom during World War II.

Inspired by real people and based on actual events, the six-part miniseries spans the period of 1940 and 1944 and follows Lili (Pauline Burlet, La Vie en Rose, La Route d’Istanbul), a seventeen-year-old resistance fighter in the first episode.

We meet Lili with Jeannot (Tom Hudson, Urban Jungle), a fifteen-year-old member of the resistance group, the Groupe Musée de l’Homme, in Paris at 4 AM on 11 November 1940 — the anniversary of Armistice Day. A curfew is in effect and they have broken it, and the Hun (German soldiers) chase them until they catch and capture Lili.

At the Musée de l’Homme, Boris Vildé (Robert Plagnol, Paris, Nicolas Le Floch), a founder of the titular resistance group, and other members discuss their underground newspaper, Résistance, while outside uniformed and armed German soldiers chase student protesters through the streets of Paris.

And in Béthune in Northern France, resistance fighters Sylvette (Christelle Cornil, Maigret) and a young man known only as The Kid (César Domboy, Outlander) are helping British airmen to escape the country, aided later by Boris and the Countess of Bourdonnaye (César Award winner Fanny Ardant, 8 Femmes).

As the series progresses, danger awaits them and other members of resistance groups throughout France at every turn, and not just from the Germans but traitors in their midst, as well. Some of the resistance fighters are lucky and merely deported or exiled. Others are executed.

The series features guest appearances by César Awards nominee Isabelle Nanty (Amélie) as brothel madam Paulette, and Montreal Film Festival winner Richard Berry (Lanester) as Lili’s father. Also featuring in the program are Jérémie Petrus (Odysseus) and Matila Malliarakis (The Returned) as resistance fighter brothers André and Bernard Kirschen, respectively, amongst others.

Resistance premieres in the US on Monday, 5 June 2017, exclusively on Walter Presents.

You can also access the series on the Walter Presents channel on Amazon, which lets you watch it and other Walter Presents programs through the Amazon Video interface.

Viewers in the UK can stream Resistance on Channel 4’s All 4 website, under the World Drama category, where you’ll find all Walter Presents programs available in Britain.

Walter Presents on Amazon Video

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Resistance: French Wartime Drama Premieres in the US, Still Streaming in the UK
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