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Put the round-the-clock election coverage aside for a few hours and immerse yourself in the dark and wickedly humorous pan-Scandinavian crime drama-mystery Black Widows.

Black Widows
Black Widows: Synnøve Macody Lund, Cecilia Forss, and Beate Bille — Image courtesy of Acorn TV

A remake of the hit Finnish series Mustat Lesket, Black Widows stars talent from across the Scandinavian countries, including lead actresses Cecilia Forss (Anno 1790, Swedish), Synnøve Macody Lund (Acquitted, Norwegian), and Beate Bille (The Absent One, Danish).

Black Widows, a sort of Nordic noir-ized mashup of Desperate Housewives and Les Diaboliques, follows Rebecka (Forss), Johanne (Lund), and Kira (Bille) — best friends whose husbands work at the same company and whose lives are anything but marital bliss.

While the three couples are spending a gorgeous weekend at a summer cottage in Norway, the men go off on their fishing boat, leaving the women behind on the pier with drinks in hand. Then… Kaboom. Followed by “Skoll!”

Black Widows
Black Widows: Synnøve Macody Lund, Cecilia Forss, and Beate Bille — Image courtesy of Acorn TV

Yes, Rebecka, Johanne, and Kira celebrate the explosion that just killed their husbands. And why not? They planned it. Now they have their freedom back.

Except there’s a snag they hadn’t anticipated.

Enter Swedish Police Commissioner Folke Lundgren (Hollywood star Peter Stormare, Midnight Sun, Fargo) and Norwegian investigator Peter Wesselø (Kyrre Hellum, The Half Brother), who conduct a joint, cross-border murder investigation after evidence suggests the boating accident was no accident.

A production of Moskito Television (Hooked) for TV3 Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, Black Widows is created by Finnish writer and producer Mikko Pöllä (Easy Living).

The eight-part series costars Ken Vedsegaard (The Killing, Danish), Johannes Kuhnke (Real Humans, Swedish), Axel Bøyum (Eyewitness, Norwegian), Måns Nathanaelson (Beck, Swedish), Peter Andersson (Millennium trilogy, Swedish), and Charlotte Fich (Unit One, Danish).

Black Widows premieres in the US today, 7 November 2016, on Acorn TV.


Acorn TV

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Black Widows: Scandinavian Crime Dramedy-Mystery Premieres in the US
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