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BBC Four has announced that the public broadcast channel acquired DR’s Follow the Money, a new thriller set in the world of economic crime.

BBC Four

Created by Jeppe Gjervig Gram (Borgen) and directed by Per Fly (Monica Z), Follow the Money (Bedrag) is a ten-part thriller that centers on speculators, swindlers, and others corrupted by greed and ambition, and the crimes they commit in the pursuit of wealth.

When a dead body is found in the sea near a wind farm off the coast of Denmark, Mads, the police detective assigned to the investigation, refuses to believe that it is just an accident. The deeper he digs, the more suspicious he becomes of quickly expanding energy company Energen, and he is drawn into a morass of shady financial and legal dealings.

Follow The Money stars Thomas Bo Larson (The Hunt, Winnie & Karina) as Mads, Natalie Madueño Wolfsberg (Life Hits) as Claudia, Esben Smed Jensen (Sorrow and Joy) as Nicky, and Nikolaj Lie Kaas (The Keeper of Lost Causes, Fasandræberne) as Alexander.

Additional cast members include Thomas Hwan (Rita), Waage Sando (Unit One), Line Kruse (Those Who Kill), Lars Simonsen (The Bridge), Henrik Noël Olesen (Dicte), and Stine Stengade (Above Suspicion: Deadly Intent).

Expected to premiere in Denmark in January 2016, Follow the Money is executive produced by Anders Toft Andersen (The Killing), and written by Gram, Anders Frithiof August (The Legacy), Jeppe Gjervig Gram (Borgen), and Jannik Tai Mosholt (Borgen).


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Follow the Money: BBC Four Acquires New Danish Drama
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