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Summer will be here before we know it, and with the season comes the annual festival of Sanfermines in Pamplona. And you know what that means. Bulls, baby. As in the running of.

Image by Esquire Network

Following its coverage of the famed event in 2014, this year Esquire Network returns viewers to Pamplona, Spain for another Running of the Bulls — only this year the hosts are none other than Michael Davies and Roger Bennett, better known as the Men in Blazers from their cult-hit podcast and show on the NBC Sports Network.

For eight straight nights the Men in Blazers will be chatting it up with their trademark incisive wit while delivering behind-the-scenes festival coverage, runner interviews, and probably more than a few close calls as participants from around the globe engage in one of the world’s most iconic cultural traditions.

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Live coverage of the 2015 Running of the Bulls with the Men in Blazers begins Tuesday, the 7th of July, at 2-2:30 AM ET, from Pamplona, Spain, with a one-hour show at 11 PM ET.

For those who’d like to relive some of the moments from the 2014 Running of the Bulls, check out this Esquire Network playlist.


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2015 Pamplona Running of the Bulls: Live Coverage on Esquire Network
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