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Whenever a new season of a favorite Euro TV series debuts in the US, I do a happy dance. Such was the case with the second Sebastian Bergman miniseries.

Sebastian Bergman in Dark Secrets
Sebastian Bergman: Dark Secrets. Courtesy of MHz Networks

Truth be told, I didn’t do a happy dance when Sebastian Bergman: Dark Secrets, the sequel to Sebastian Bergman: The Cursed One, premiered last week. I’ve been ill, so the energy I could muster up while in bed made it more of a happy wriggle. But still. It was a pleasure seeing Rolf Lassgård back on telly.

In Part 1 of Dark Secrets, criminal profiler Sebastian Bergman (Lassgård) is little changed. While he has fewer nightmares about losing his wife and daughter in the 2004 tsunami, and fewer libido-driven activities, his cocky and abrasive manner still riles pretty much everyone. But when he sees fellow psychologist Håkan Riddarstolpe (Jacob Nordenson, Arne Dahl) on the news, it is Bergman’s hackles that get raised.

According to Riddarstolpe, the deaths of three young women in a silver mine in Ludvika were the result of a suicide pact, and the case is closed. Bergman thinks the guy is a putz, so he forces the issue with the local police and gets the case reopened after illustrating how it had to be a triple murder. As he and his homicide detective daughter, Vanja Lithner (Moa Silén, Maria Wern), investigate, they realize that a serial killer could be on the loose when the body of another victim is found. Eerier still for Bergman is learning that someone related to the case also has a personal connection to his past.

Working with Lithner makes Bergman one happy papa, even if she still doesn’t know that he’s her biological father, until he learns that she’s been short-listed for an FBI training camp at Quantico. Desperate to keep her from going to the US for three years, he goes into sabotage mode… and lives to regret it.

If you missed Dark Secrets: Part 1 when it screened on MHz Worldview last Friday, you can stream it at the MHz Networks website until 15 November 2014.

Sebastian Bergman Dark Secrets DVDIn Dark Secrets: Part 2, Sebastian and detective Billy Rosén (Christopher Wagelin, Real Humans) travel to Skåne to investigate the murder of Ludvig Mattison, a pedophile/child killer whose corpse was unearthed when a farmer was plowing his field. The case gets complicated when the body of a young girl is found beside Mattison’s. If the two victims were connected, Sebastian and Billy must figure out how.

For Sebastian, solving the case could prove easier than mending his relationship with Vanja. She suspects that he was responsible for her being passed over for the FBI training and no longer trusts him. He is struggling to maintain the deception, and his attempts to assuage his guilt and comfort Vanja following the death of her papa fall flat.

Will the birth father and his daughter reconcile? Along the same lines, will their boss Torkel (Tomas Laustiola, Beck) be able to rekindle his affair with fellow detective Ursula (Gunnel Fred, Verdict Revised)? And will the homicide squad catch the killer’s killer?

Ya gotta watch to find out. Part 2 of Dark Secrets screens on MHz Worldview at 9 PM ET this Friday, 14 November 2014.


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Rolf Lassgård Returns as Sebastian Bergman