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Flag of IrelandAll streaming, purchased downloads, and DVD titles are shown in Irish Gaelic with English subtitles unless otherwise specified. (Please remember to TURN SUBTITLES ON if they aren’t hard-coded into the videos.) Authors whose books were adapted into series are noted where applicable. Also be aware that certain DVDs will require the use of a multi-region/region-free DVD player in order for them to be viewable in your country.

For Euro TV shows in other languages, click here.

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CORP + ANAM (Body + Soul)
Genre: Drama
News/Reviews: Euro TV to Watch (21 Apr 2017), 2016 & 2017 Favorites
Where to Watch: US: Amazon Video, MHz Choice, MHz Choice on Amazon
DVDs: US: Below

Corp + AnamCorp + Anam (US streaming link)

Corp + Anam: Seasons 1 & 2Corp + Anam: Seasons 1 & 2 (US DVD link)

Genre: Period Drama/Western
Where to Watch: US: iTunes (Series 1, Series 2)
DVDs: Not available in original Irish Gaelic

Dominion CreekDominion Creek: Series 1 (Original Gaelic Version) (US digital download)

Dominion CreekDominion Creek: Series 2 (Original Gaelic Version) (US digital download)

Genre: Drama
News/Reviews: US premiere, Euro TV to Watch (15 March 2021)
Where to Watch: US: MHz Choice, MHz Choice on Amazon

Grace HarteGrace Harte (US streaming link)

Genre: Political Drama
News/Reviews: US premiere
Where to Watch: US: MHz Choice, MHz Choice on Amazon

The Running MateThe Running Mate (US streaming link)

Genre: Comedy
Where to Watch: US: Prime Video

Wrecking the UprisingWrecking the Uprising (US streaming link)


MHz Choice on Amazon

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