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MHz Choice has set its slate for December 2023, which includes brand new series from France and Germany, plus new seasons of old and new favorites.

Love and Trouble in Paris
Love and Trouble in Paris (L’amour presque parfait): Francois Vincentelli as Max, Maud Baecker as Julie — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Without any further ado, here is MHz Choice’s December 2023 schedule.


Movie of the Week: Season 6 (France)

This anthology series of made-for-TV movies — from dramas, comedies and thrillers, to fantasy, mystery and romance stories — returns with more titles.

Tandem: Season 6 (France)

This popular mystery series sees detective colleagues and ex-spouses Léa Soler (Astrid Veillon, Perfect Murders) and Paul Marchal (Stéphane Blancafort, Innocent) investigate crimes in Montpellier while co-parenting their children. (Video is from Season 5)


1993: Berlusconi Rising (Italy)

This binge-worthy drama picks up where 1992 leaves off, tracking the collapse of a political system and the chaos that results. Out of the ashes will rise new right-wing parties, like the Forza Italia party founded by media magnate Silvio Berlusconi. (Video is from 1992: Berlusconi Rising)

Love and Trouble in Paris (L’amour presque parfait) (France)

In this classic romantic comedy set in the City of Light, 36-year-old Julie (Maud Baecker, Tomorrow is Ours) has recently been dumped by her long-time boyfriend. But life takes an unexpected turn when she finds a lost phone — complete with the most gorgeous marriage proposal voicemail you could ever dream of! Blown away by this declaration of love meant for another, Julie embarks on a highly unorthodox adventure of a lifetime: to find, seduce, and marry this seemingly perfect specimen of a man!

The six-episode series costars Nadia Roz (Louis XXVIII), Isabelle Vitari (Mismatch), Tom Leeb (Women at War), François Vincentelli (Murder In…), and Antoine Duléry (Agatha Christie’s Family Murder Party).

Professor T: Season 3 (Germany)

Matthias Matschke (The Book Thief, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Flemming) stars in this German remake of the hit Flemish-language mystery-crime drama series as Jasper Thalheim, a highly-gifted psychologist and criminology professor at Cologne University. He’s also a high-functioning neurotic and germophobe with several dozen psychological disorders and a brilliant mind, one who helps the police crack their most puzzling cases. (Video is from Season 2)


Deadly Tropics: Season 4 (Tropiques criminels) (France)

Set on the island of Martinique, this female-driven dramedy mystery series follows police officers Gaëlle Crivelli (Béatrice de la Boulaye, The Returned) and Melissa Sainte-Rose (Sonia Rolland, Murder in the Somme) and their criminal investigations. (Video is from Season 3)

The Horses of Wildenstein (Reiterhof Wildenstein) (Germany)

Klara Deutschmann (Tatort: Weimar, Dark) stars in this family drama as Rike Wildenstein, a young heiress and veritable horse whisperer who, following the death of her father, returns home after 13 years to help save the family’s gorgeous but heavily-indebted Wildenstein equestrian estate. But Rike’s ideas put her at odds with her mother (Ulli Maier, Anatomy of Evil) and siblings while bankruptcy looms…

The Horses of Wildenstein
The Horses of Wildenstein: Klara Deutschmann as Rike Wildenstein — Photo © ARD Degeto / Neue Bioskop / Hendrik Heiden, courtesy of MHz Choice

The six-episode series costars Shenja Lacher (Woman of the Dead), Klara Deutschmann (Charité), Helmfried von Lüttichau (Tatort: Munich), Stefan Pohl (Murder by the Lake), and Florian Sumerauer (Tatort: Streets of Berlin).


The Bridge: Season 3 (Bron/Broen) (Sweden-Denmark) (original language & English dubbed)

Opening a year after the Season 2 finale, the penultimate season of this hit Nordic noir series sees Swedish detective Saga Norén (Sofia Helin, Atlantic Crossing, Mystery Road) teaming up with Danish detective Henrik Sabroe (Thure Lindhardt, Seaside Hotel, The Last Kingdom) to investigate the murder of a Danish national on Swedish soil. As they delve into the this and additional murders, both have their own personal demons to deal with, including the reappearance of Saga’s estranged mother in her life, and the mysterious disappearance of Henrik’s wife and two young daughters from his life six years ago.

Walking on Sunshine: Season 2 (Austria)

Set in the weather department of ORF, Austria’s largest broadcaster, this comedy-drama looks at life’s ups and downs from human and meteorological points of view. It focuses on the past of anchorman Otto Cerny-Hohenburg (Robert Palfrader, Woman of the Dead), who is transferred to the weather department after an alcohol addiction and a four-year break. (Video is from Season 2)

All of these titles will stream in the US and Canada exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon, starting on the dates shown above. (Note that scheduling changes can occur at any time and without prior notice.)


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MHz Choice Sets December 2023 Euro TV Slate