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MHz Choice has announced a few titles that the streaming service will premiere in the US and Canada this autumn, including the highly-anticipated Paris Police 1905.

Paris Police 1905 key art

The new Euro TV series headed to MHz Choice this autumn are from France and Germany.

The Island of 30 Coffins (L’île aux 30 cercueils) (France)

Based on the novel by Maurice LeBlanc, this mystery-crime drama limited series stars Virginie Ledoyen (Nona and Her Daughters, Just One Look, 8 Women) as Christine, who lost her son at birth 15 years ago. Or so she believes… until she receives a video suggesting he might not be dead, prompting her to return to the island of Sarek, where she grew up and gave birth. As Christine searches for the truth, a series of deaths stirs up terror and a local prophecy of “the 30 coffins.”

The Island of 30 Coffins
The Island of 30 Coffins: Virginie Ledoyen as Christine — Photo credit: Charlotte Schousboe, courtesy of MHz Choice

Costarring Charles Berling (Captain Marleau, Frozen Dead) and Stanley Weber (Time Is a Killer, Outlander), The Island of 30 Coffins premieres Tuesday, November 7.

Paris Police 1905 (France)

The follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Paris Police 1900, this period crime drama series, inspired by real events, follows Inspector Antoine Jouin (Jérémie Laheurte, Paris Police 1900, Blue is the Warmest Color) in an all-new investigation. It’s Christmas Eve in Paris, 1904, and Jouin investigates a case that will take him deep into Paris’s secret underbelly: the forest on the outskirts of the city, where people come to satisfy their darkest desires. Forced to venture off the beaten track, Jouin unwittingly gets drawn into a whirlwind of vice, corruption, and blackmail. Everyone has something to hide, even the police.

Costarring Evelyne Brochu (Paris Police 1900, Orphan Black) and Thibaut Evrard (Paris Police 1900, The Tunnel), Paris Police 1905 premieres Tuesday, November 14.

The Horses of Wildenstein (Reiterhof Wildenstein) (Germany)

Klara Deutschmann (Tatort: Weimar, Charité) stars in this drama as Rike Wildenstein, a veritable horse whisperer who, following the death of her father, returns home after 13 years to help save the family’s gorgeous but heavily-indebted Wildenstein equestrian estate. But Rike’s ideas put her at odds with her mother (Ulli Maier, Anatomy of Evil) and siblings while bankruptcy looms…

The Horses of Wildenstein
The Horses of Wildenstein: Klara Deutschmann as Rike Wildenstein — Photo © ARD Degeto / Neue Bioskop / Hendrik Heiden, courtesy of MHz Choice

Costarring Shenja Lacher (Woman of the Dead) and Florian Sumerauer (Tatort: Streets of Berlin), The Horses of Wildenstein premieres Tuesday, December 5.

These titles will debut in the US and Canada exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon, starting on the dates shown above. (Note that scheduling changes can occur at any time and without prior notice.)

In addition to these Euro TV titles, MHz Choice is also premiering the Israeli series Queens this fall. Read more about it at The Global TV Place.


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Paris Police 1905 Amongst New Euro TV Series Headed to MHz Choice This Autumn