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MHz Choice has announced its lineup for February 2022, which includes dramas from Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Wales.

Unseen: Luc Van Grunderbeeck as Victor Decondé, Elisa Echevarria as Lily Denayer, Myriem Akheddiou as Laurence Decondé — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

International TV streamer MHz Choice is bringing several new series and seasons to audiences in the US and Canada in February. Headlining the slate are the four-part German thriller Algiers Confidential, the eight-part Belgian sci-fi mystery drama Unseen, and the three-part Welsh drama Lifelines, set and filmed during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic in Wales.

Also on tap are the return of French murder mystery drama Tandem, the next iteration of Arsène Lupin with the 1995 series The New Adventures of Arsène Lupin, and the contemporary Swiss drama Double Life.

The full schedule and program details are below.

The New Adventures of Arsène Lupin (Le Retour d’Arsène Lupin) (France)

François Dunoyer returns as gentleman thief Arsène Lupin in this 1995 series based on the stories by Maurice Leblanc.

The New Adventure of Arsène Lupin
The New Adventure of Arsène Lupin: François Denoyer as Arsène Lupin — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

The New Adventures of Arsène Lupin begins streaming Tuesday, February 1.

Lifelines (Cyswllt) (Wales)

This intimate, slice-of-life drama, offering a snapshot of life under lockdown, was the first UK drama commissioned, filmed, and broadcast during the COVID-19 pandemic. Filmed at home by the actors with their phones and laptops as scripts were being written almost in real time, the three-episode series is set amongst an interconnected group of characters during the first two months of the pandemic in 2020 in Wales.

Close-ups of their lives reveal sisters connecting with their estranged father, parents comforting their grown children, and counselors encouraging their patients. Anniversaries and pending births are celebrated, work gossip is discussed, and conversations veer away from doom and gloom and get real about stuff, like not caring how productive some mutual acquaintances have been during lockdown. Through interweaving the stories of family and friends, this weirdly hopeful and captivating series illustrates the effects of lockdown on individuals and families and how what it means to be human is being challenged and redefined.

Nominated at Celtic Media Festival 2021 in the Short Drama category, the series is written and directed by Pip Broughton (Keeping Faith). The cast includes Mark Lewis Jones (Gangs of London), Hannah Daniel (Keeping Faith), Aneirin Hughes (Hinterland), Catherine Ayers (Living a Lie), Suzanne Packer (In My Skin), and Catrin Stewart (Bang).

Lifelines premieres Tuesday, February 8.

Tandem: Season 2 (France)

This popular mystery series returns with co-parenting ex-spouses and current colleagues Léa Soler (Astrid Veillon, Perfect Crimes) and Paul Marchal (Stéphane Blancafort, Origins) working together to solve more murder cases in Montpellier.

Tandem S1
Tandem: (L-R) Piérick Tournier as Erwan Lebellec, Astrid Veillon as Léa Soler, Stéphane Blancafort as Paul Marchal, and Nelly Lawson as Camille Barbier — Photo © Fabien Malot / DEMD / FTV, courtesy of MHz Choice

Costarring Piérick Tournier (Spiral) and Nelly Lawson (Murder in Avignon), Tandem: Season 2 begins streaming Tuesday, February 15.

Unseen (Invisible) (Belgium)

Set in a small Belgian village with a large telecom relay tower, this sci-fi mystery series centers on a community affected by strange phenomena: birds falling from the sky, dead, and people turning invisible. For some, invisibility is a power; for others, it’s a disease. Either way, the Unseen are perceived as a threat and the authorities want to control them.

Victor (Luc Van Grunderbeeck, The Break), a renowned ophthalmologist from Creux, is suddenly blinded after an ordinary cataract procedure goes wrong. It was performed by his daughter, Laurence (Myriem Akheddiou, Unit 42), who now suffers from guilt over what happened and faces accusations of malpractice from her peers. She knows an unexplained something went wrong during the surgery, but no one believes her. Things get weirder when Laurence hits a naked man on the road during a traffic incident, and he literally disappears before her eyes. Something very strange is happening in Creux, something that will have startling consequences for all its inhabitants…

Featuring Fabio Zenoni (A French Village), Elisa Echevarria (The Brand New Testament), and Jérémy Gillet (Perfect Murders), Unseen premieres Tuesday, February 15.

Algiers Confidential (Ein paar Tage Licht) (Germany)

In this thriller, Ralf Eley (Ken Duken, The Informer), a German police investigator assigned to his country’s embassy in Algiers, is engaged in an illicit love affair with Amel Samraoui (Hania Amar, The Nile Hilton Incident), an Algerian prosecutor. After a German arms dealer is kidnapped, Ralf and Amel find themselves in direct conflict as both are assigned to investigate the case for their respective countries. As the pair dig deeper, they uncover a corruption scandal that will test their loyalty, both to their nations and to each other.

Featuring Anna Schudt (Reformation), Raphael Acloque (Spiral), Hammou Graïa (Antigone 34), and Martin Brambach (Flemming), Algiers Confidential premieres Tuesday, February 22.

Double Life (Double vie) (Switzerland)

This contemporary drama centers on two women — Laurence (Marina Golovine, Capitain Marleau) and Nina (Anna Pieri, Station Horizon) — both of whom believe they’re in a happy, exclusive relationship with the handsome, successful architect Marc (Bruno Todeschini, Nicolas Le Floch). But when Marc suddenly dies, they discover to their horror that he was leading a double life, splitting his time between his girlfriend and baby mama, Laurence, and his legal wife, Nina. As grief turns into anger, the two widows must find a way to work out their differences and to make a fresh start in their lives.

Featuring Thibaut Evrard (The Tunnel) and Yoann Blanc (The Break), Double Life premieres Tuesday, February 22.

All of the above titles will be available to screen on MHz Choice in the US and Canada via the MHz Choice website, the streamer’s Android, iOS and other apps, and on its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon Channels.


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Euro TV Dramas ‘Algiers Confidential’ & ‘Unseen’ Topline MHz Choice February 2022 Lineup