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Netflix has announced a new, as-yet-untitled psychological drama series out of Russia that will star Alexander Petrov.

Alexander Petrov
Alexander Petrov — Photo courtesy of Netflix

The character-driven story follows a celebrity who finds himself in the center of tragic events that destroy his personality, and his desperate struggle to become himself again.

This celeb has it all: fame, fans, and money. But the lux life that most folks can only dream of comes crashing down on him in an instant — when the hero turns into the culprit and criminal and has a fall from grace he could never have imagined. His old world is gone, destroyed, and the new one shows no glimpse of hope. The road to redemption will inevitably be long and hard. The only solution is for him to confront his inner devil and find forgiveness in order to emerge anew.

Alexander Petrov (The Method, S’parta, Fartsa) is set to play the leading role in the series, which is written by showrunner Eduard Oganesyan, along with Alexey Kamynin and Marsel Shaikhattarov.

Said Netflix’s Anna Nagler, Director, Local Language Originals, CEE and Russia:

“The story embraced us the instant we read the script and we are truly excited to team up with incredible Russian talents to bring this second Russian Netflix series to life. This is a special story, providing a unique perspective on how life can take mind-blowing twists and turns. We look forward to Netflix members in Russia and worldwide enjoying this complex character-driven drama.”

Added Eduard Oganesyan, co-founder of Monkey Style Film Company:

“This story is steeped in self-irony with a dramatic transformation of the character. For me personally, this is an exciting experience and a journey into worlds that I have not yet encountered. And, as always, it’s funny and sad. As it usually happens in life.”

Producers Mikhail Vrubel and Alexander Andryushchenko stated:

“We managed to bring together a powerful team around this talented and challenging material: Eduard, an author with his own unique approach and vision, Sasha Petrov, a great actor and an outstanding production team. We are also very excited at the prospect of working alongside Netflix to enhance this project.”

And producer Fedor Bondarchuk said:

“This cooperation is a huge step for the entire industry, clearly demonstrating that we are moving in the right direction. Partnering with Netflix – an entertainment service that creates new trends, enhancing the level of quality content – gives us an important production and creative experience. This is an opportunity for me to work again with a dream team to embark on a new and interesting journey.”

Olga Kochetkova and Vyacheslav Murugov are also producers on the show, with Alina Tyazhlova and Mila Rozanova as co-producers.

The series will launch on Netflix worldwide (date tba).

Stay tuned for updates.


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Netflix Announces New Russian Psychological Drama Starring Alexander Petrov