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Gösta, HBO Europe’s first commissioned Scandinavian drama series, is headed to telly in the States.

Gösta: (L-R) Mattias Silvell as Pappa, Vilhelm Blomgren as Gösta, Clara Christiansson as Saga — Photo © HBO Europe

Written and directed by multiple-award winner Lukas Moodysson (Show Me Love), dramedy Gösta, his first foray into television, explores the humor and tragedy of trying to do good in a dysfunctional world.

On the heels of his first job offer, Gösta, a 28-year-old child psychologist, moves from Stockholm to the small, rural Swedish town of Småland. While he sets out to be relentlessly kind and to help everyone he meets, not all of his noble efforts end happily. At his idyllic cottage in the middle of the woods, Gösta hosts a Syrian refugee, Hussein, and simultaneously tries to keep his long-distance relationship alive with his girlfriend, Melissa. But things in this small, serene household grow increasingly chaotic following the arrival of Gösta’s fractious, unpredictable father, Tomas, leaving Gösta struggling to keep everything in order as his life becomes unhinged.

The series stars Vilhelm Blomgren (Midsommar) as Gösta, Mattias Silvell (Spring Tide) as Gösta’s papa, Elisabet Carlsson (Beck) as his colleague, Amy Deasismont (My Skinny Sister) as Melissa, Clara Christiansson (Gåsmamman) as Saga, and newcomer Nidhal Fares as Hussein.

Gösta premieres in the US with all twelve episodes on Monday, August 31, on HBO and streaming service HBO Max.


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Gösta: HBO Sets US Premiere Date for Swedish Dramedy Series
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