Fantastisk. Impressionnant. Utmärkt.

That’s how I and plenty of other fans describe much of Euro TV. Great. Awesome. Excellent. Because it is.

While I’ve read a number of Nordic Noir novels and seen many a foreign film over the years, watching television programs from Scandinavian/Nordic and other European countries has been a relatively new thing for me. My “thing” has been British TV.

Then I found the French crime drama Spiral on Netflix and binge-watched it when I had the flu. And then the Swedish detective drama Wallander once I was healthy again.

Linda JewMy fascination with Euro TV really kicked in after I discovered MHz Networks and its “International Mystery” series. That’s when my occasional viewing of Euro TV became a regular activity.

Dramas from Sweden and Italy and Denmark, oh my! Plus France and Norway and Germany. Every night of the week! I had hit the mother lode of Euro TV.

(Ditto Euro TV stars that I’d never heard of or seen before, or had but had forgotten, such as the “Well, hello!” Mads Mikkelsen of Unit One, Flavio Montrucchio of Donna Detective, Ola Rapace of Crimes of Passion, and… the list goes on.)

These days Euro TV, whether it’s a program from the Continent or a country in the Arctic climes, is as much a must-see for me as British TV (and Irish, too).

I’m excited to see what’s coming, and hope you’ll join me in exploring more of the fabulous entertainment that is Euro TV.


Linda Jew
Founder, The Euro TV Place

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